Wondering what people have to say about my class and working with me? I would be, too! I've gathered some feedback from my past students for you below. You can also see reviews on Writer's Digest University.


“I highly recommend instructor Athena Hayes and the class ‘Breaking into Copywriting.’ Athena combines her passion and talent for copywriting with a natural teaching ability. She gives thoughtful, detailed, expert feedback and just the right amount of guidance to help you take the assignment in the right direction. It’s clear that she really cares about her students and helping them get the most out of the class. I’m very, very glad I took this course.”


-Jayne C.


"Breaking into Copywriting was the best money I’ve spent on a class in a long time.  Before the class was even over, I gained the tools to land my first professional copywriting gig!  The coursework was challenging but easy to understand and assimilate, with excellent real-world examples.  Athena has a delightfully approachable, easy-going style. It was clear from the start that no question was too small to ask.  I was really impressed with her breadth of knowledge and quick turnaround time with questions and homework.  It’s clear that Athena really enjoys teaching because all her comments to the class were patient, super supportive, and full of helpful information that really took the class content to another level.  If you want to get a head start as a professional copywriter, Athena’s course delivers in spades.”


-Tanya W.


"I’m now getting work as a copywriter thanks to this course. It’s comprehensive, practical and designed to quickly launch you into the world of copywriting, in whichever direction you choose to take it. An incredible value, the program is not only fun, but gleans from the best of what’s out there to provide a solid foundation and top-notch resources to help get you started and be successful. Athena's professional feedback and one-on-one guidance walk the fine line of correcting while still encouraging in a way that moves you forward and instills a sense of confidence, which, in my opinion, is worth the price of admission."


-Jenney B.


"I never imagined I could get such a solid grounding in copywriting in just four weeks. Athena is the dream instructor -- thorough, responsive, and endlessly encouraging. She knows this stuff backwards and forwards, and more importantly she knows how to bring out your best efforts. My highest recommendation!"


-John D.


“When I first signed up for Breaking into Copywriting, I expected four weeks of mundane text to fill up my computer screen. But thanks to Athena's helpfulness and her vibrant teaching style, I learned so much and it left me wondering why the class couldn't be five weeks, or six, or seven...”


-Bobak E.


"Putting Breaking into Copywriting on my resume and cover letter has already garnered me a first interview for an internship, and I was able to use my work from this course as one of my writing samples for that interview. And guess what? I got a second interview! Thank you so much for offering this course."


-Cassie W.


"The amount of detailed instruction and high level of insight that's packed into 4 weeks of Breaking into Copywriting is incredible. Athena is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and responsive. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in copywriting. You will finish with a solid portfolio sample and a wealth of awareness that will inspire you to follow your dream. Do it."


-Lauren L.


“Breaking into Copywriting was my first online course. I knew it would be informative, but I had no idea how much fun I would have interacting with the superb instructor - and coach - Athena Hayes.”


-Roger D.


“In a mere four weeks, I went from having only a vague idea of what copywriters do to a precise understanding of what distinguishes great copy from ineffective verbiage. A big thanks to our very helpful and responsive instructor, Athena. I'll never look at an ad the same way again!”


-Henning B.


"Do you want to create interest in everything you do? Breaking into Copywriting is a great step in that direction! Athena’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. Her lessons, suggestions and counsel are invaluable assets in my writing career."


-Peter S.


“Breaking into Copywriting teaches you how to become part of a business where powerful writing is both required and appreciated. Athena's constructive and encouraging feedback helps you develop and produce great copy in only four weeks. With that high level of instruction, why learn about advertising anywhere else?”


-Ben Y.


"Breaking into Copywriting is a great course. It's easy to follow and Athena is very encouraging. It is hard to believe you can learn so much in so little time. I highly recommend it to those exploring a career change."


-Nory M.


"Now I'm not usually a testimonials type of gal. HOWEVER, Breaking into Copywriting delivered and then some. Fabulous course, content, and a wonderful instructor. I now have the confidence to pursue writing full-time, to tread my own path and leave a trail, which hopefully one day others may follow."


-Jessica B.


"The Breaking into Copywriting course encourages one to be mindful of word choice and usage. This is a good thing for any kind of writer, as the instructor’s feedback is spot on and develops a discipline that is hard to shake off."


-Patrick C.


"Breaking into Copywriting was an incredibly useful introduction to the world of writing ad copy. Athena offered great insight into what it takes to be successful as a copywriter and I personally feel prepared to delve confidently into the world of advertising because of her help and instruction."


-Matt P.


"Breaking into Copywriting was very informative, chock-full of useful approaches and commercial resources for independent copywriters."


-Diane L.


"Thanks for everything, your course was amazing and you are one of the best instructors I have had to date."

-Kathleen H.


Athena, thank you for a great and substantive class. At first I was a little put off by so much pure text (ironically) in this class. However, when I actually read it, it was bursting with the most amazing and valuable information. You didn't hold anything back. Along with the prompts to ask as many questions as possible, it seems everything one needs to enter the fray that is the copywriting world, you've provided--and then some.”


-Steve P.